Sensors results in Diva Grasshopper


I am working on hourly solar irradiation analysis with RadiationMap. Now with item list component and slider I can see and save the hourly value of each sensor separably in a Excel file. I am wondering how is possible to save the all hourly sensors data in one Excel file or at least automate the process of write in Excel for all sensors.

For writing in Excel I am using Lunchbox.
Here I put an screen shot of the grasshopper .



Delete the list item component, so all values will be streamed to the lunchbox component.

Dear Tim,

Thanks, I tried to connect from Data component directly to values of Excel component.
However, still I can see only the results of one sensor while I have 8 sensors.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Diva installed. Can you plug a param viewer into the diva GRID V and the “graph” output and make a screenshot? You could use instead of the slider a text panel or series component, with all hours you want, but without seeing the data structure, it’s hard to help.

Dear Tim,

Many thanks, with your guide and some other modification I was able solve the issue.

First, I should connect the GridView component from IrrData directly to DataViwer component as you suggested. Second, the solar irradiation data should be grafted. Finally, I should check “explode all input data” in Val of Dataviwer Component. I highlighted on the attache screenshot.

Now, I have data of all sensors in one *.CSV file.


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