Senior Citizen Discount

It is like driving a car for 10 years and then asking the dealer for a large discount on a new one as a reward. The discount should be even larger if I had told my friends that I liked it.

A nice set of golf clubs costs several thousand dollars…A decent road bike is a few grand, a set up for scuba is $5k+, A ski kit is 5$k+, A basic woodshop will cost you 10k +, don’t even get me started on the cost of vintage cars, or motorcycles…

rhino is a cheap hobby for retired folks in comparison.

And if it’s not a hobby and you are making money from it, then you are a commercial user.

I would never consider spending the large amounts of money for the activities you mentioned.
On my fixed income, a $1000 is a lot of money, as I’m sure it is to a lot of people.

If you are retired then make use of the student discount - sign up to study as a mature student and you get the same privileges as a pimply youth. AFAIK McNeel aren’t too fussed about what you study, just that your course is legit.

I bought my first Rhino licence during a midlife spell of postgraduate study. Both proved highly stimulating and rewarding.

I’m not what one would consider “college material”.
Not to mention, finding an online course that McNeel deems acceptable, would cost nearly as much as a full license price.

for senior student discounts - just check with your local reselller before enrolling on a short course, to see if it would qualify.

The only reseller in my state is a college nearly 100 miles away.

have a chat with them to see if an online course would qualify you as a student.

$800 per credit hour. Nearly the cost of Rhino Commercial.

It doesn’t have to be the same school as the reseller to qualify.

The college book store only sells to students that are registered at their university.

Hello - if you take a class at an accredited school you should qualify for educational pricing. There is no requirement to buy from the school offering the class.


Accredited courses are not cheap … anywhere.

My local community college has courses for $46/credit. Some really good drafting, welding, carpentry, etc courses. Those should certainly qualify.

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Proof of edu status just has to be current enrollment in a class in a state accredited school. We don’t care what the course is, just that you are a student.

What school is this?
I’m looking for online only.