Senior Citizen Discount

McNeel should consider offering a product price discount for senior citizens.


At what age would you consider realistic for such a discount and at what discount percentage would you consider appropriate? I am 75 and would appreciate such a scenario but also consider that I have to earn such. Cheers, Rob

Yep…I am 60…
Started using Rhino in 2000.

I would think 62+ at a 50% discount would be reasonable.

How about a 10 percent discount for each year of use. LOL

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I like that idea. I would get a 200% discount. I think that means I can buy a seat of Rhino and McNeel has to give me $1000. :laughing:


I think the price should match the student price and the age should be somewhere around 65-70. Presumably those above that age who are still using it full time commercially would have the ability and desire to support McNeel at full price while the rest would presumably be using it for hobby projects or limited occasional commercial jobs and could be considered as being equivalent to students using it commercially after graduation. Perhaps limit to individuals who have had at least one commercial license.

Those whose financial advisors have done for them what all the TV ads seem to imply will have no problem buying upgrades at the full commercial rate.

As a small-time reseller the student version is enough of a hassle, adding another low-margin SKU is not going to have much appeal. And it’s not like Rhino is actually too expensive, that’s not its problem at all, but that’s a rant for another day.

And just from a cold brutal business standpoint I don’t see why “hobbyists” should expect to get things cheaper, that’s not it works for anything else people do as a ‘hobby’–they get screwed extra hard with crap the “pros” know they don’t need! It’s easier to sell people something they want than something they need.

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As a reseller, I get one or two requests a year for this. I wouldn’t have a problem selling a “you’re too old to have to pay full price” license, but the potential for abuse is there… Having to verify the age of someone is a bit delicate, and of course you never know who the license is really destined for… “Hey Grandpa, can you buy me a Rhino license with your senior discount?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, if a retired person calls me and explains to me on the phone what they’re up to and they sound real, I sell them a commercial license at my cost plus a small margin. That’s my own personal contribution to other people of my own age bracket… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


But you do have, “Hey Grandson, can you buy me a Rhino license with your student discount?”.

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The way things work, is rarely black or white. There are many levels of gray between the two.

And I’m very sad to say it is a widely abused scam.

Yep, except it usually goes like this:
“I’d like to order an educational license for my son/daughter/nephew/niece…” etc.

In most of the cases in my personal experience here, the requests are legitimate. There is the occasional abuser I suspect, but I’m not really worried about that.

Seeing as most grade school and high school students don’t have credit cards, the Student License would have to be paid for by a parent or guardian.

Well, I sell via invoice and not credit card, so the student could in theory order something themselves if they want, but in practice, it is the parents who order, not the kids. We’re talking about high school and younger kids here, the university and professional school students of course order themselves.

I’ve owned a commercial license for over 10 years. Even though I am retired now and on a very limited budget, I find that the upgrade pricing is very reasonable, and there is typically an additional discount right when a new version is released.


I’ve been using Rhino since it was a free beta download in the 90’s! I don’t really want the heroes of 3D CAD software to pay me to use their product just as I don’t expect a repeat client to get a free design!

I admit to being guilty here. I started with my daughter’s student copy after she finished with it at uni. I did pay for it after all!
I dedicated myself to acquiring a level of proficiency and I ended up buying my own commercial copy and agree with the sentiment that the upgrades are well worth the cost.

I would also like to add that, for ‘3rd world’ countries, it’s much harder to buy programs than for developed countries. For Brazil, for instance, 1000 USD converts to almost 6 grand for us.

Steam, which is the biggest games store/distributor on the planet, made it possible for game publishers/developers to offer an automatic discount for developing countries. This means that a game that costs e.g. 20 USD for developed countries will cost 10 USD (around 50-60 BRL) for Brazil.
This is one of the reasons I support Steam and such developers. My Steam account would be worth +3000 USD before the conversions, but thanks to these conversions I was able to buy many more games than if there were no help in place.
I believe Steam is the biggest reason not (as) many people pirate stuff over here.

If Rhino were to follow the same conversion scheme, that would be great for developing countries.
A monthly payment scheme would be great too. Autodesk offers it.

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I don’t believe anybody is asking to get paid to use Rhino.