SendToBack asks for object selection after I select object yet fails to allow selection

I select a polysurface and use selection by colour to select all instances of it.
I wish to send it to back, type SendToBack, it asks that I select objects, losing that selection as it does so, I try to select even one of the object and it will not allow selection.

What is happening ?


If I’m not mistaken, SendToBack and related commands are only for curve and hatch objects, not for surface/polysurface objects. --Mitch

oh well, in that case I shall select my circles (rivets) and go BringToFront.

but I do that using the select colour command and they still hide behind my polysurfaces :frowning:
It worked last night on lines and dimensions and leaders a different file.

I am unable to produce a print with my rivets showing on top of my polysurfaces with this file today.

The rivets are block instances by the way.


^ I use Ghosted view with clipping planes (to separate objects from the rest of the model visually) in details to have them printed.

I selected ghosted view but the simple monocolour of the intersecting wood shapes became like railroad lines and spoilt the simplicity and clarity of the view where I can lines i wanted to be the easily understood subjects, whic also sat on a grid.

Show me an example as I am interested in what options can exist. Not sure what clipping planes are.

Why my block instances though refused to come to front i dont know, is this a bug. I had to raise them above model to get them to show.


Here’s an example. Why won’t you just upload a picture or a file and describe the end result you’re trying to achieve.
3D Model.pdf (548.3 KB)