I suppose you’re aware of this, but the the localization in French, German (and I assume other languages) is only half done (if that) and that the intermingling of localized and non localized items in the same menu is pretty schizophrenic…


Looks like that would fit right in where I am from. I had my daughter, she goes to french school, at a friend’s cottage and some kids came up and asked if she spoke French, they then said they spoke 3 languages, French, English & Chiac

Hot as bad as in Luxemburg, I stopped for lunch once with a friend from The Netherlands who spoke German & French and couldn’t understand anything.

Good luck with the localization!

Where are you? I’ll be visiting friends in a French area of Nova Scotia this summer. From your Chiac link, it looks like you’re a little west of there.

Hi Chuck, I am actually in Halifax, NS, but grew up in Moncton NB, spending summers near Shediac. So which Acadian area of Nouvelle Ecosse, Cheticamp (Cape Breton) or Baie St. Marie (Yarmouth)?

Pomquet, which I guess would be more Ca’Breton, than Yarmouth. I spent my summers on Cape George, north of Antigonish. One of my friends (everyone on the cape is Scottish - MacDonald or MacEachern) married a French girl from Pomquet, and their kids go to the French school there. I’ll probably spend a day in Halifax before flying back. Beautiful city.

Pomquet is Northumberland Strait side but not on cape Breton, close though. Nice area, about 230 kn from Halifax, you will probably fly into here. Nice relaxing area. Enjoy. Where are you located, just curious?