_SelVisible catches hidden surfaces

Hello all,
I am trying to select all the visible surfaces with the _SelVisible command (I have several hundred surfaces) and when I select them some surfaces which are barely / not at all visible are included in the selection, presumably because the edge of the surface is coincident with the surface I can see.
Is there any way to exclude these surfaces?
This is true even if I create a cube and then explode it into surfaces so it is not due to the quality of my surface model. Curiously when I do this with a perspective view from the top only the base of the cube is excluded from my selection.

My full aim is to annotate a series of points with their names.
I plan to do this via Python by selecting the visible surfaces, then selecting coincident points which share a name with the surfaces and finally adding a textdot to the points with the name of the points. I do this operation several times a year for various files, as do several of my colleagues, again for several hundred numbered points : see image below.I would be happy with another solution which gives the same effect - annotating visible points with their numbers. Currently on V5 but will upgrade at some point.

Hi Gaham - I’ve never been able to overcome that drawback in SelVisible.


OK thanks Pascal - any other way of annotating points such that the numbers will be readable from any angle and from either side of the associated (nearly coincident) surface ?
Guess not :thinking: