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Like all AutoCAD veterans, I am used to type P for previous selection set. It is easy to make this keyboard shortcut in Rhino, but its default P keyboard shortcut launches Planar command. Planar command shortcut is already hard-wired into Rhino status bar, so duplicating it in the keyboard shortcut is superfluous. Having keyboard shortcut for previous selection set is much more important.

I suggest that default P keyboard shortcut launches SelPrev command rather than Planar command.

Excellent point for “AutoCAD veterans”, but by now there are a whole bunch of “Rhino veterans”. How many of these already have trained themselves to use P for Planar and would be completely put off by your change to the default and would need to use the “easy keyboard shortcut change” to put it back to what they are used to?

Rhino is not AutoCAD and I think this is the kind of thing that could have been designed in at the beginning to make it easy for AutoCAD users but wasn’t, so I guess it’s just one of the differences that must be adapted to. At least veterans of any other CAD system can use the shortcut definition facility to set Rhino up to be as close as possible to what they like.

The essence of your argument is that mental inertia is good and nothing should ever be changed. The essence of my argument is that we need very fast access to the SelPrev command.

How about assign:
to your F4 key?

Or change the Alias for P to '_SelPrev?

Of course, I can do it. I am talking about improving Rhino defaults.

I would have a slight disagreement with you there.
More to AIW’s point, your suggestion would change the default to one that some AutoCAD users are familiar with. I suspect most Rhino users would not see that as an improvement.
Since it’s trivial to change in Rhino for the AutoCAD users that it’s important for, I think we’re there.

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We need opinions of other Rhino users because it is important issue. I have wasted lots of time because, for several years, I did not have quick access to the SelPrev command.

As for me I’m fine with setting up the aliases that suits my way of doing things. I think I’m with @John_Brock on this one. And essentially with you, too, based on your own argument about what users have gotten used to. Your argument is strong on that one. In favor of Rhino users as well as Autocad users. :wink:

// Rolf

Never use SelPrev, haven’t since like V2 when it got broken - maybe it’s ‘fixed’ now, but as I’ve never found it useful, I’m not going to be advocating any kind of change here.

In any case people are free to create the aliases they want and I personally don’t feel that AutoCAD similarity is an important criteria…

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For me, that transition from AutoCAD to Rhino was quite a while ago (somewhere near the release of V2), so I might not be the best one to ask. I will say thought that I certainly remember some speed bumps my transition, the biggest for me that I recall was transitioning from middle mouse button press and drag for pan to right mouse button drag, that took me a while :slight_smile:

I think though that the argument that Rhino isn’t AutoCAD does carry weight however. There is a large segment of people who either didn’t come from AutoCAD or have learned and have gotten used to ‘P’ for planar for whom this would be a confusing change, or who are still learning and ‘P’ might not logically correlate to selPrev (or selLast). In my case, I’m glad I found Planar because now I toggle it almost as much as OSnaps (it is now F4, right next to OSnaps at F3). It is just a preference of tool use frequency, and were they should be placed.

This doesn’t mean that transitioning people from one platform to another couldn’t be made easier. In your case, I imagine it would have been nice if it were more discoverable to you that you could change aliases and keyboard shortcuts to better mimic a program you already know. I wouldn’t at all be opposed to some sort of AutoCADPrefs.ini, which would just be an OptionsExport which mimics as many of AutoCAD’s default preferences as possible. As I have said before, I haven’t worked in AutoCAD in so long, I’m not sure I could do a good job of this though.

I sometimes wonder if it would help if in the help docs if there was a header for each topic with a link that read something like “Can’t find what you are looking for, or still confused? Ask the community at” so workarounds like this could be found in a more expedited manner.


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It’s so easy to set up aliases, just go forth and do so…

I use P for creating a point. I’ve never found SelPrev to be useful, so I gave up on it years ago.

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I’m an old AutoCAD user and this doesn’t bother me at all. I have “P” set to “polyline” in both Rhino and AC :wink: SelPrevious is also useful - I have “SP” for that… :grinning: