SelLayer does not work with Layer Groups

It seems like this commands only works when you select individual layers or several individual layers.
If you try to select a previous created ‘layer group’ SelLayer does not select anything.
Is this a bug or am I the only one who is having this problem?

By ‘layer group’, do you mean a parent layer and its sublayers? Normally (in Windows) you can right click on the parent layer and choose “Select sublayer objects” and get all the selectable objects on the parent layer plus all its sublayers.

yes I meant ‘parent layer’
since I am on the mac version I wonder if it is a known issue?

I remember it was not in V6, but I thought it got added to V7. Just in case, here is a script that does more or less the same thing. Select a layer (Mac V5) or one or more layers (Mac V6+) and it will select all the objects on that (those) layer(s) plus any objects on any sublayers of the selected layer(s). (1.1 KB)

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I don’t think it was added since it aint working…
Your script is really helpful and does what the software suppose to do. Thank you

Hello- here is the context menu for Windows, I do not have a mac handy at the moment -


I am aware of the command in the menu but on the Mac version it doesn’t work.

Well, the item does not exist in V7 for mac, only in 8.


Ok I see I was confusing it with ‘Select Objects’ my bad. Thanks you for the info I hope I get a good discount when I upgrade to V8 :wink: