Hello, I recently start trying Kiwi3d. First of all, thanks for sharing such a fantastic plugin!

But I’m having hard time setting up my first model, especially the self-weight.

The material has a “density” slot. So I asssumed the self-weight is computed based on density.
But nothing happened. So, I added a surface-load component (Type=DEAD) and I got an expected result.
Is this correct? the self-weight is considered only if you add a surface-load that simulate self-weight?
In that case where the “density” parameter in material is used?

Thank you!

Self-weight is only considered if you add a respective load component. That is correct.
The current release does not yet use this input directly but we are planning to release an eigenform analysis component in the next version where the mass matrix is needed.

Thanks Anna!

Oh, sorry, one more thing.

What’s P_V1 and P_V2?

Yeah, that is another feature of optimism that did not make it to the release (and we forgot to remove it). These will be the shear forces.

Oh, okay… Never mind!
It was unbelievably straightforward to setup a shell analysis. Everything I needed was to have Breps in Rhino.

Thank you!