Selectively apply Pressure goals to specific areas of mesh

Hiya! I’m simulating a smocked fabric and am trying to figure out how to better control the smocking folds, seen in the second image, that are currently floppy and self-intersecting. Is there a way to apply more pressure to certain areas of a mesh like I’ve highlighted in blue?

I know the pressure goal is proportional to its area, but sadly I need more pressure where the mesh triangles are smaller. I tried applying a load to mesh points in these areas, but it mostly gets spikey. I’m not necessarily attached to this particular connectivity of mesh, and I’ve tried mesh machine and other equalizing goals to get the mesh triangles to be even (hoping the pressure goal wouldn’t be so discriminatory) but it didn’t help much…

Any tips on how selectively inflate/apply pressure to some areas more than others? End goal would be to have a mesh that doesn’t have self-intersections as well. Cheers! (121.6 KB)

End goal would be to have a mesh that doesn’t have self-intersections as well.

Hi Annie! Have you tried using the SphereCollide component as explained in this thread?

It allows you to prevent meshes from having self-intersections during a Kangaroo simulation.

I’ve been following your “Concrete Form[ing]work” project from several months ago, and I know you have years of experience with Grasshopper. Most probably you’ve already tried the aforementioned method, but anyways I believe reading that thread will be helpful for you.

Good luck with your PhD! Best regards…

Yessir! I do use that. Thank you for the suggestion regardless:)

What I ended up realizing after some hair-pulling was that the pressure component actually works on single mesh faces - so I isolated the areas that needed a little extra “umph” and had that be a larger pressure than the rest of the general mesh. Turned out much better (though still produces a mesh with a few hundred self-intersecting mesh faces, but not sure there’s any way around that).