Selective listing - Urban Furniture list

Is it possible (or potential) to be selective over what items appear in an urban furniture list table?

For example, if I have a large number of items in a model spread over large areas, it would suit to have a separate table for each area that doesnt show the complete list of everything in the model.

In some cases, we assemble playground tower units and each component is a separate block item. In this case, the ability to show the list of only these components next to this tower would be ideal, essentially overriding the contents of the list. I notice that lists can be exploded and modified, but once this is done, they become ‘dumb’ and no longer update.


You can chose, in the list properties, whether you want to list hidden objects and or objects in off layers:


So, properly using these checkboxes, you can achieve your goal by hiding the objects you don’t want in the list, or by moving them in a separated layer and setting that layer off.

This is useful to a point, but our products (custom urban furniture blocks) already have their own layer structure upon import to work alongside our templated system for keeping them on the right layer and with different types of sub components and install guide locations etc.

Would it be possible to have an additional tab perhaps alongside the Urban Furniture List within the Properties dialogue that shows all the items in that particular list with the option to switch them on or off directly?

Otherwise, for each list we need to switch on/off multiple items at various points and remember these combinations if we need to alter the contents of the list at any point as they only update if you open and then close the properties dialogue…

I don’t like the idea of having a list of items to list, because then we lose the ability to auto-update the list contents when new items are added.
What about defining areas to list? To set one or more boundaries (with optional holes) to the list so that only items inside these boundaries are listed. This way the list will be automatically updated when new items are inserted, translated or deleted.
This idea suites perfectly the needs you described in the first message. But it is not useful when items we want to list separately are mixed in the same area. In that case I think it would be better to add conditions to the list. Like “parameter X equals value Y”. You can already add custom parameters to Lands Objects, and list them, but currently you can not add conditions in lists based on these parameters.

This does sound like a potentially effective workaround.
Essentially, the solution we would need is having shorter lists in different locations of a drawing to show items in that area rather than one long list if possible, or the ability to break the list up into different lists. Maintaining sequential numbering would be required across lists.

For example, the full list has 20 items in it. Being able to show items 1-10 in one list and then items 11-20 in the nest would be ideal, especially if the list order can be rearranged. Would this be possible?

I have a similar need: In one list I like to display a certain type of objects while in another list I like to display a differt type of objects.
A checklist like A111 sugggest could be the solution.
Or a list based on the current selection could be another option.

Yes, both options are feasible (list selected objects/check list; list objects that meet certain conditions based on custom parameters).

Splitting lists… what do you mean with “specially if the list order can be rearranged”? You want to sort each “List sheet” individually by, let’s say, quantity?

You have good ideas but we are close to publish the Release Candidate and it won’t be possible to include them. Though, I would like them to be included in the near future.

Thanks @albert
Rearranging the list order would be handy if splitting lists as we may have groups of products on one side of the drawing that need to be grouped in a list accordingly.

Is there any word on the price bracket for the release candidate yet?
Will there be any discounts available for early uptake and active long term forum contributors?

Release Candidate will still be free, but may expire sooner than beta versions. Price and discounts are not decided yet… Though, you can take VisualARQ price and Lands Design for AutoCAD price as references.