Selective edge softening

I am trying to soften just the tops of some sharp cornered letters - filleting never works reliably for this - and I don’t see any way to be able to select which edges can be softened - it’s either all or nothing… So the actual letterform outline also gets softened, which I don’t want.

Is there a better way to do this? SubD? (admittedly I don’t know anything about it yet, just not my area)

EdgeSoften-A.3dm (329.0 KB)

First step is a Quad Remesh to SubD with smallest number of quads possible.
Then insert SubD Edge Ring to add definition left and right of every edge.
Instead of adding hard creases, I’d try to just slide the edges closer together.
This way you get clean topology. You can improve topology by stitching vertices next to the corners, note the edge loop selection on the left most example goes all the way around vs. with the first simple division it only selects edges between singularities.

EdgeSoften-A.3dm (852.6 KB)

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simply leave the backs open-