Selection Surface

Hi everyone,

My aim is to help the engineer after my internship to use this grasshopper work. At the beginning user must select the building we wished to simulate, as the context with urban context and trees. The aim is to select one surface, and launch the simulation to see results on the 3D model. So far, user can use slider to select surface with the help of the vizualizing vector, but I’m sure there is a better way to do this selection. Is it possible to show the number of the surface on the 3D model ? Thus it is faster to write the number and have right away the surface without searching the surface with the slider. Perhaps there is another simpler method ?

Benjamin180618_Photovoltaics shaded (582.8 KB)

You can use list item to write a number and select the item. To show the number of each surface use something like the Text Tag 3D component.

Thank you Michael I’ll try this