Selection suggestion menu 'bug'

Hi, when you have multiple objects on top of each other and you want to select a curve for example, it then shows the pop-up menu where you can choose what you want to select.

However, somehow the text for ‘curve’ in my case is white, and the hover-box is also colored white, hence creating the screenshot that you see attached to this message.

I’m using the latest Yosemite now.

I’m wondering if this isn’t related in some way to the viewport whiteout bug I’ve been seeing (put up post on that last night).

I cannot duplicate this. Have you changed your Appearance setting or Highlight color setting in the General panel in System Preferences?

Ah, found it. It is due to the ‘increase contrast’ Accessibility setting in Yosemite. I cannot work well without it.

Just to add, when I have ‘Increase contrast’ on, it doesn’t mess with the other menu’s. Only with the quick-selection help menu.

I see what you are saying. I’ve added this to our bug list (MR-1997). Thanks for reporting it.

This item should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP (5E63w). Please give it a try.