Selection Sets

Hi There,
Any possibility that Pascal’s “Selection Sets” might be updated to work in Rhino 6?

Hmm - sure… let me have a look - are you getting an error? if so what is it, exactly? Hmm - yeah the rhp does not load- I’ll see if I can sort that out.


Hi Pascal,
Just won’t load. I get an error. Says “Unable to load, initialization failed.”

Thanks, Pascal.

Yep, I see that. I’ll see if I can fix it. I may end up making it a python thing anyway… probably easier in the long run,
@sworkman - I got it partway there making the existing stuff work at least - I’ll poke at it some more tomorrow but it looks like it will work.

@sworkman - see how this works - you’ll need to unblock the plug-in in its properties (rmb context menu on the rhp file in Windows Explorer) before dragging and dropping onto Rhino.
SelectionSets.rhp (36.5 KB)


Thanks, again. Pascal

Even with this new release I do get the same initializasion error that others had previously.

It is possible to actualize this plugin for the latest Rhino6 version?

Thank you.