Selection sets plugin

Has anyone installed the plugin “selection sets”?

(on my rhino5 it doesn’t works) (at the bottom)


Hi Enzo- it should work- are you seeing an error message? If so, what is it?



Hi Pascal,

i can set selections…

but i cant use commands like SelGripsList - SelSetList -

(my rhino runs in italian)

and, may i have to make my own toolbar o do you have one for that commands?


Hi Enzo,
Did you ever solve this ? I’m having the same VBScript error when I try to retrieve a saved selection.
@pascal, can you help with your script ?

hmm- I’ll take a look… thanks.

So far this works OK here, in English of course; the message implies that one of the compiled scripts is not being loaded, but I cannot imagine why that might be. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this. @enzo_molinari, I can send you the individual scripts and we can load those and see if you get a similar message.


@juancarreras, No. :disappointed:

Great, thank you !

@pascal Yes, please!

Hi Enzo- let’s try this - block the Selection Sets plug-in in OPtions > Plug-ins page and restart Rhino.

Unzip and save the attached script files to some convenient folder.
From that folder, drag and drop each of the files onto Rhino - you will probably get a message that there are no saved sets for many of these. Just OK and carry on. Does any of these show a vbscript error?

Once they are loaded, open them in the EditScript editor as well.

Run the scripts from the editor - SelectionSet, GripSelectionSet and then try the SelGripList etc. Do you get the same error as with the plug-in? (9.4 KB)


That’s great!, Thanks @pascal

Thanks @pascal. Dropping the scripts one at the time (actually I just used the ones for saving, listing and retrieving a selection) and they work fine. So what should I do then, load them all manually when I start Rhino ?
I guess the file SelectioSets.rhp is nothing else than the collection of scripts loading at once ?

Hi Juan, Enzo - if the individual scripts work, then I should be able to modify them so that they can load at startup and work pretty much like the plug-in is supposed to. I may not get to this for a day or two but I’ll send you something.

@juancarreras , @enzo_molinari

Hey guys- see if this works… first, disable the plug-in in Plug-in manager, restart Rhino and make sure the plug-in is not loaded (e.g. type in SelectionSet and see if it does anything - it should not.) If you have added any of those test scripts that I sent to your startup scripts, remove them from that list.

Next, save then drag and drop this file: SelectionSetsAll.rvb (13.3 KB) file

onto Rhino. Try “SelectionSets” again - any action? Close and reopen Rhino - does it still work?

I have not tested exhaustively but so far this seems to work OK here. Let me know…


Hi @pascal,

on my Italian version it works, i’ll do more test soon.

thank you very much!

Success … ! Awesome
Thanks @pascal