Selection often ignoring z-depth checks

This is me attempting to duplicate an edge…


The worst thing when this occurs is that control clicking to de-select the unwated lines does respect z-depth, so it’s impossible to cancel them and you just have to restart the entire operation from a different angle/method.

Is this another thing you just have to live with in Rhino, or is there a way to mitigate this?

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Hello - I have seen something like this as well - is the clip from V6 or V7?

RH-60012 DupEdge: Edge selection in a block


I have a client who complained to me about this about a week ago, and I just haven’t had time to set up an example to post a complaint here - but it’s pretty easy to reproduce both in V6 and V7. I will try to get to it later tonight.

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It’s V6 with the latest update.

@eobet - I made a model more or less similar to the one in your clip and have none of the problems you show - if you can, please PM me a file with that object…


I can confirm the problem exists, even though I haven’t nailed it down to when it occurs. it doesn’t only happen with subobjects but also with general object selection. it seems to get worse the more objects you have in the scene, but that might just be my perception… I’ll look for a file and send it to you if that helps…

@eobet, is this a custom display mode in your clip?

Hello - yes, that would be helpful, thanks. Any details you can provide about what and how you are selecting and what fails will be for bonus points.


Yes, I use this display mode 99% of the time. I couldn’t stand to use Rhino without it:

Design.ini (12.5 KB)

RH-60012 is fixed in the latest WIP