Selection of items on hidden layers and world/C plane axes colors

The workflow that I’m evolving in Rhino in is one which seems to generate a lot of layers with different iterations of a design or construction geometry. Occasionally I find myself with the need to move everything. Obviously I can unhide everything, select all, find the move to and from points inside the cacophony of technicolored spaghetti, and be on my merry way but this is sometimes easier said than done. I’d love to have a global “select all” that would include objects on hidden layers and possibly even have a toggle to include locked objects. Does such a command exist?

Also there was a thread a week or so back that I can’t seem to find, which discussed having the the world and C plane axes the same colors being confusing due to the problem of having different views displaying different apparent orientations. I’ll second that. Is there a way to change either axes color to make this more obvious?

Thanks much,


Hi Dave- not sure if you can get there without a script - I’ll see if I can come up with something useful in Python. For the second bit- please describe exactly what you’d like to see - is it CPlane axes that use World space axis colors, or are you saying you second the idea that this would be a recipe for confusion?


Hi Dave.

For the same reasons you mentioned I too wish there was a toggle or option to include hidden objects when moving or rotating.