Selection of direct edit to remain when ctrl+z

When normally selected geometry is moved and then you press ctrl+z, the selection remains.

However, this is not the case with direct edit selections. Would be amazingly time saving especially with large selections on SubD geometry.

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Hello - for V7 there are NamedSelectionSets, including for sub-objects - that should help a lot.


Well, yes and no… Often, I just need to edit one or two edges or faces, so I subobject select and use the Gumball. Typically I might type a number in the move box and enter only to realize I need to type in a negative number because I want it to move the other way. So Undo, but then I have to re-select the edges/faces. Having to set up a selection set for this type of task would be far slower than just to re-selecting the subobjects… Would be nice if they stayed selected after Undo.

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