Selection Not Updating

Something else then …

I’ve had this happening over a longer time but since I just installed the latest display drivers and you have fixed everything else I thought I’d mention it now.

Often when I select something in one view, the other 3 views are not updated showing the selection. I only looked a bit more detailed into this phenomenon today and it seems that selecting in a perspective view gets updated in the orthographic views but not the other way around.

Selecting box and dim in the TOP view:

Selecting the same in the PERSPECTIVE view:

In the past I’ve also had issues with using ZSA not updating in the other viewports than the one that was active when called - I’ll report that if it happens again.

So I’m assuming this was occurring before the latest WIP (i.e. before the caching additions were made) and is unrelated to performance improvements. Is that true?

Yes, that is true.

Thanks, I moved this to a new topic so I don’t lost this information in the middle of a large post on display performance. Hope you don’t mind.

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