Selection modifiers acting differently in Rhino 7/Beta

Has the selection modifiers taken on a different functionality in Rh7/Beta?
Traditionally the selection set could be added to by holding SHIFT and removed from by holding CTRL. This seems to be slightly different in Beta, holding SHIFT will add objects to the selection and CTRL will remove them from the selection, but while holding SHIFT and selecting an object that is already in the selection set, it will remove it out of the selection set contrary to its traditional functionality in previous releases.

This is not happening here…

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Not happening in release
…Version 7 (7.1.20322.15001, 11/17/2020)

could be an issue that has been fixed already. It had not prompted me to update, but it appears there is a new version available.

@brian When i check for update, with Service Release Candidate, it tells me i am up to date, but there appears to be newer versions than i have installed. Do i need to uninstall and download and install the newer Beta installer?

Hi Mason -

There isn’t any newer BETA version than the one that you have installed. That was the last one.
The release version is currently 7.0.20314.03001 and a release candidate for SR1 is also available.
If you don’t have a Rhino 7 license, you can download an evaluation from the website.

As for selecting…

When you have a subobject selection filter (e.g. “faces”) active, holding Shift while selecting a face that was previously selected will deselect that face. Is that what you were running into, perhaps?

no, not a subobject selection issue, i would take a video, but the screen capture doesnt capture what keyboard buttons are being pressed so it wouldnt show it.

I am also having intermittent issues where my Right Mouse Button is having the functionality of a Left Mouse Button click when in the middle of a command rather than ending the command. Dont know if it was related or separate issue.

how does the other user have a higher version (7.1.--------) when my version, presumably the latest is only 7.0.-----.

They paid for a license of Rhino, installed the shipping version, and then set the update frequency in Tools > Options > Updates & Statistics to Release Candidate.

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