Selection menu to show layer as well as object

When clicking on an item , the selection layer indicates choice as regards curve or surface etc, I need to also see with that choice what layer each is on as that is as important in my pick I am about to make as is the fact its a curve or surface, more so in fact as its often obvious what it is. The only clue is its colour so I try to colour layers differently to give me that clue but one runs out of contrasting colours in time !

How is that done ?..getting layer name to show along with object type ? either in that menu or elsewhere ?
maybe in the layer palette or at foot of screen.

I also in the bottom panel see layer name displayed, for the currently selected item, but could do with widening the window as I cant see all of the name. Is that possible ?

I also wish a selected item saw its layer indicated, I need this time and time again for a host of reasons, and others have asked same. I have a vast list forming of when I need this and why. Combined with the choice list, both birds could be killed with one stone here :smile:
scroll selection menu list and layers palette indicator symbol moves, pick from list and layer for that pick shows our indicator symbol now static.


Hi Steve - If you right click in the selection menu the next time it is up, you’ll see a list of the stuff to show as well as access to other setting that are in Options > Selection menu.


Cheers Pascal,
sorted :slight_smile:
Just leaves the layer palette indicator wish for selected object.