Selection highlight

Here’s something that’s been bugging me for a while- there are some objects and situations where lighting up the entire thing in selection color makes it hard to do what you want to the object - especially, change color or material, and see the result without deselecting. Try that on a solid hatch… I’d love to have bounding box corners as a possible selection highlight (Max style, I guess) or silhouette-only highlighting (C4D does this I think).



for wireframe views of this

I prefer a ghosted highlight like this (but picture it maintaining my naked edge display pre-selection)

instead of this…

for shaded/rendered views I do like the outline approach

or maybe a special texture shading?

or both…

and it woudl look like this on a ghosted viewmode

That’s hot… but wouldn’t it have to use a Technical mode pipeline? This might add too much time.

It might be really interesting to allow any display mode to be the highlight in any other mode… Or am I talking crazy?

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I like this idea a lot. @jeff, what do you think? I don’t think this project should take precedence over getting the pipeline reworked to use the programmable pipeline … but it might be fun to explore after that project is stabilized.

And if the bounding box version were aligned to the object frame mentioned elsewhere… and the corners were actually handles– stop me! before I think again.



My idea is like the attached pictures: HigLight only the edges.
Ciao Vittorio

Yes, it would be fun seeing something develop in this direction. I like Pascal’s markups but as Gustavo shows, it would be very nice if it didn’t interfere with e.g. naked edge highlighting.

yeah, I’d offset the silhouette so it is drawn completely outside the object - you’d need to be able to see the whole object.


Well now you just went and made things a little bit more complicated. The bounding box corners things is certainly pretty easy…but making them handles??? Again, you just added another level of complexity.

All of these seem doable…and I don’t think the silhouette highlighting would be too much work…However, I’m not sure when I would be able to start experimenting with any of them.


I know., just the highlight! Fanciness later…


I created a youtrack issue for this so we don’t forget about it months from now

Should be there from the dim past … yep


Maybe a halo around selected objects could be very fast to compute?

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For me the top image means that you have selected a group and the one at the bottom is that you have selected two different objects.

I really like the concept.

Hey @pascal -

Did we ever make this possible? Maybe I haven’t seen it in the options, but I was just trying to do something with crv with a solid hatch in it, and it’s impossible to mess with it when the whole dang this highlighted (can’t see the crvs) Is there some way of changing this in V6?

Hi Alan - Nope…



Would be great to see alternate selection highlight…Hope in V7 (I like the bounding-box corners idea or a silhouette/outline…)

In the meantime for cases like this you can try disabling the highlight completely via this script: