Selection Filters Panel invasively popping up when closed

Hi Mcneel team
The filters panel become active if a filter button is clicked in the tools bar.
it does so even if it is not selected from the panels manu.
even when having 3 [or more] section for the inspector bar, when it is open in one section already, it will also open [on tool button click] on the other section [s]

It is a disturbing intrusive behaviour.
Please kindly make it so it does not popup unless selected by the user!
if this is an issue due to code complication, please kindly disable this panel for the time being [we already have it as a dropdown any ways]
or ideally make it as buttons on the bottom UI bar [same as it is often used in Windows]
*I’ve tried to point to this some weeks ago on a related thread, but it wasn’t logged [AFASK]

thanks a lot

Can you please provide a full screenshot so I can see precisely what you are seeing?


Hi John
Edit : please see screen recording in next post


Sorry. Your MP4 includes your voice, but there is no image, just a white screen.
The same thing happens when playing it on MacOS and Windows.

Okey it works on my side but the MP4 is very low conversion
because of file size. [too large fro discourse ] please see in my website I put a page with eh recording for you:

thanks a lot

What you’re describing is designed in behavior.
For the vast majority of users, when they turn on a Panel it’s because they want to use it right then. If opening a Panel did not make it current, it would require the user to find the icon in the row and click it.

Does that make sense?

there’s seems to be a misinterpretation of the issue
please kindly look again.

This is what I’m referring to:

the panel become active even if it is not selected from the manu.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 22.59.52

To me these filters tool bar shouldn’t enforce activating the Panel. overriding the user panels of choice.

thanks a lot

Maybe I’m just thick but I do not understand.

Please describe a step by step sequence so I can see the problem.
Maybe somebody else understands it and can explain it to me.


Hi Akash - a filter cannot be active if the panel is closed - that is a ‘safety’ device, if you will, to try to help avoid total confusion when the user inevitably forgets they have a filter active. I do not see changing this…


I understand Pascal
so what can be done…? if only there was a way to dock that filter panel in the bottom [like in windows]. so it doesn’t override panels like Layers that many users want to have them open and not going away every time a filter is clicked.
It seems so obvious to me…
My understanding is that it is not right to have the filters as a Panel since it has to be active when filter buttons are pushed. so it really needs to be removed from the Panels and live with dignity at the bottom of the UI where there is space for it.
Please Leave the panels section for the users to open the ones that they need to work with. without them disappear every time a filter is engaged .

with thanks and best regards

Hi Akash - actually, I will amend my earlier comments… we went through a bit of churn sorting out how to do this on Mac where we apparently cannot have the Windows style cocking thing… the Filter button, not the one in the toolbar, does not force the panel to open nor to the front, - I remember now a bit of the discussion - I think that what you are asking may be possible - the ‘safety’ device is pretty subtle on mac - the button flashes if you make a filtered out selection, but it is not 100% tied to the panel being open, as on Windows. In short - I think it may be possible to clean up the behavior you noticed…

The commands run from the Sub-d related toolbar buttons do open the filter box on Windows if it is closed - so … I am not sure what can be done, but I understand what you are getting at.

RH-58715 Selection Filter commands opens the filters panel


thanks a lot
Sorting this out will be very helpful, especially for those of us on MBP with just 15’ space, there is room only for the properties and one panels section [unless you use 2 and have to scroll all the time as the Panels headers are not very space conserving, but that is a another topic…]

thanks a lot for looking into this

Thanks a lot. This seems to have been fixed in the latest WIP (7.0.20147.12016, 2020-05-26)