Selection Filter not active when _ShowSelected


As per subject, when I run ShowSelected, I can select everything as if the SelectionFilter does not apply.

BTW Thanks for the selection filter dialog flashing when you try to select a disabled object, it really helps to draw attention to the cause.


Hi Willem, I’m not seeing the problem with ShowSelected. Over here it does pay attention to selection filter. Do you see it happening with any objects in any model? Thanks.

Hi Mikko,
See the situation below:

I’m on Work In Progress (6.0.16140.12501, 05/19/2016) Beta
I see there is an update out, but I dare not update as I’m working on a crucial project I do not want to get stalled by a possible broken WIP.


Hi Willem, yeah, this is deliberate behavior. Rhino automatically ignores the filter if the filter combined with what can be selected in a command means absolutely nothing can be selected.

In this case ShowSelected allows you to select anything but control points, and the filter allows you to only select control points. When combined it means there’s no way to select anything, and since that makes little sense the filter is ignored.

Hi Mikko,

Thanks for the clarification.
Maybe this should be reworked at some point in the future, it feels rather unintuitive.


Hi Willem, @mikko

If you want to show some points which have been hidden by _HidePt then there is no way to do that. You’ll have to show all hidden points with _ShowPt make a new selection and use _HidePt again.

Maybe you are missing a command to _ShowSelectedPt ?