Selection filter for VA objects


I’m wondering if there is a way to add filter for selecting only one kind of VA object for example a wall or a window.


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Yes, you have the VisualARQ Selection toolbar to select objects of the same type:


If you have the VisualARQ toolbar closed, go to the menu Tools > Toolbar Layout > File “VisualARQ2” toolbar and select VisualARQ (4tabs).

In addition, there is a command (vaSelSameStyle) that you can use to select objects of the same style.

It not the same thing, the command you referring to is a selection tool for selecting all the walls in the model.

I’m asking about the ability to select only a wall on the model, like the tool you have on rhino that help you select only one kind of object when you click on the model, it is an amazing tool and a great help on a complex models.


sorry about the handwriting :wink:

Ok, I get it. Unfortunately this is not possible with VisualARQ objects right now. I take note of this suggestion for future versions.