Selection broken in Rhino Cycles

Hey! When rendering in Rhino Cycles I notice now the render window won’t let me select back into the model space, similar to the way the original Rhino Render worked. Right now I can’t render in the background while I work in model space let alone use Cycles to render multiple view simultaneously. Hope this can be fixed. Thanks!

You should be able to select objects when using Raytraced display mode. You may be using Rhino Cycles as a renderer, which works more like the traditional Rhino renderer, and doesn’t let you interact with the model?

Correct, the asynchronous rendering was disabled, as it hangs Rhino when using with i.e. Bongo. Note that the render window method using Cycles for Rhino won’t be in the final Rhino 6 release. As such it is not very likely that I look into it soon, as there are other issues on my table.