Selection and working on More than thousand objects

Hi All,
I am working on more than 1000 rhino objects. For all of them I need put sometimes the same user Datas, change the color and so on.
Is there a way to not use a simple loop ? Because every time I get the id of every objects, I then have to select the object, this is… very very slow

Are these the only objects in the model? If not, is there any way to identify your objects from all of the objects in the model? RhinoDoc.Objects contains all of the objects in the model: (if you are using RhinoCommon). You should be able to iterate over this collection and set the object user data.

I receive their Id’s the problem is to select these objects later I have to make a “for” loop. and set a new color on every of them. This is too slow if you get a thousands of objects.

You could pass the collection of ids:

But I’m confused, is this about adding data to the objects, or selecting them in Rhino?