Selecting the Appropriate Tool

When you have a task in your head that you would like to complete in Rhino eg. create a solid cylinder on the xy plane with a diameter of 2in and a height of 3in, how do you go about selecting which techniques and tools to use? The cylinder example I gave is simple enough that you can just memorize the tools to use and steps you would take, but as the objects get more complex how should you go about figuring out the best way to proceed? Is there somewhere that lists common tasks and the tools that are attributed to it? I am struggling to remember what tool is what, and I’m sure that there are many tasks which would be completed much more quickly if I knew all the applicable tools at my disposal…

that only come with practice, there is not magic or perfect list of steps to follow, every model is different. start with basics and then improve as you get used to it.
the better way I found is watching every tutorial and practice with elements I have close to my hands, pens, tools, toys etc. having a physical reference is good to auto check if you are doing it good.