Selecting subobject of a hatch boundary

Hello All,
When trying to adjust a hatch boundary using (CTRL+Shift) for sub-object level selection it is not working, my expected behavior is to be able to select individual edges (like any closed curve) and manipulate it using the gumball.
I’m still able to use the F10 and move the points instead.

Hopefully this behavior can be fixed soon for Rh8.

Thank you

Hi Tay -

Thrown on the list as RH-72807 Annotation: Hatch: Sub-object select hatch edge

Just to manage expectations - that’s not going to happen.

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I learned from life to expect the worse outcome. Anything above that is a welcome bonus.

Right, +1
Since hatch bounds can be shown now, they should be editable/selectable like regular curves, more or less.

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Super hacky Macro:

! _Explode pause

Then move edges, _Dupborder and _Hatch

well, moving points is faster probably.

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