Selecting sublayer objects on a Mac not possible

Let us assume that there is a parent layer and sublayers named A,B,C and D with surfaces and curves in each of these sublayers.

To select all the objects in the sublayers, on the PC version one just has to right click on the parent layer and click on “select sublayer objects”.

However on a MAC to select all the objects in the sublayers, one has to expand the parent layer and then select each sublayer and while all of them are selected, one should right click and “select objects on layer”.

A simple command as “Select sublayer objects” as in PC would be of great help to make the workflow way faster and less cumbersome. Hoping to hear if others feel this way or if it is just me being too used to the short way of working in Windows. :slight_smile:

It will probably be possible in Rhino V6. For the V5 I doubt there is interest in introducing any new functionality


This is an older script from my library for selecting objects on all sublayers of the chosen layer… maybe it can help until the V6 WIP arrives. (1016 Bytes)


Any plans on implementing this feature for RH6 or RH7 WIP?


Hi Rudi - I’ve added your vote to item RH-44106.

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Yeah!!! Thanks

Hi @wim,

any updates on this feature? We are currently working on a competition and are using Make2D to create drawings. So far so good. The problem is that we are using the maintain source layers which generates quite a big layer tree. With a file, that already has a lot of sublayers, this results in a layer tree with a ton of sublayers.
Now if you want to change attributes of all objects on the Visible layer for example, you have to first expand all of those layers, select them and then click Select objects.
Obviously with a lot of sublayers this is crazy time consuming. Now imagine you have 7 of those Make2D trees… I am currently switching to the Windows version, just to change properties of some lines…

Would be cool if that feature could be implemented soon.

Thanks a lot and stay healthy,


edit: The script from above works well. Should have read the thread thoroughly before…

I just looked at the YT item.
It looks like it has been moved to “Future”, so still on the list but not actively being worked on.

Alright, thanks for the fast reply. I think I can survive with the script from above…

Currently the YT item mentions, that Code is #defined out on Mac. Figure out why.

I am curious, is it really such a hard issue to fix? Yes the script from above works, but when you are working with a file with tons of layers - just clicking on the corresponding layer is much easier and faster, than running the Python script and having to find that specific layer in a new window.