Selecting sub-object with capture tools

Hi there,

On the McNeel subobject selection page (Selection commands | Rhino 3-D modeling), it mentions the following

Unfortunately, I cannot make this work. What is the procedure to select subobjects or sub-parts using the capture tools?


Hi jeremy - what happens? Anything? Note you need to force sub-objets - Ctr-Shift down or set the selection filter to Subobjects.


Hi Pascal, thanks for the help.

I was previously trying to hold Ctr+Shift when doing the lasso or brush commands to no avail.

Checking the sub-object box near the filter seems to work before using the lasso or brush.
What might be a way which SubObject toggle can be set to a hotkey/alias?

Also, is it possible to select sub groups with this method? It seems to only catch the geometry, but not the sub groups.


Hi Jeremy -

Look at the command line for options for the _SelectionFilterFaces command.

What are “sub groups”? Have you looked into NamedSelections?

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