Selecting Specific rows after Divide Surface

(Alicemcgee97) #1

I have created a script that creates various shapes (defined by their amount of sides) and stacks them. Then I used DivideSurface to subdivide them them twice. This has created three “rows” of subdivision points per shape. The rows are at z=0, z=1.35, z=2.7 respectively.

For now, I want to select all of the subdivision points at z=1.35, and extrude only those points from the shape. In the future I want to be able to select other rows and columns; for now I only need to select this single row.


2019.02.10 Attempt (24.6 KB)

(Amir Touhidi) #2

this should do the trick for now, might have to switch it up, depending on what you want to achieve.

2019.02.10 Attempt (24.8 KB)

(Alicemcgee97) #3

thank you!