Selecting points for interpolation


I am trying to select each series of points individually so that I can interpolate. I tried using list item but the data is in the wrong structure so I cannot select each set o points that belong to each curve I will make. How can I select the correct points to create the result I need?
points to (29.7 KB)
Omar (29.1 KB)

sorry that wasn’t exactly what I meant, I want to interpolate them vertically to make them into separate columns (like in the image below). Then I want to be able to select each column separately.

It looks like you got those points by intersecting five parallel planes or surfaces? Can you include those in your GH model please? If not, I can derive them (I think) but it’s a pain if you already have them.

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yea exactly. Sure I’ll include those now.

You took too long, I’ve already derived the planes.

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This could be one way…

points to (17.8 KB)


haha sorry my computer was in the midst of crashing. Thank you.

Thank you, it seems to work. Although I just have a question regarding the pathmapper since I haven’t used it before. How exactly does it work in this case, because when I try the same script with different points the interpolation doesn’t work. I tried reading up about it online but I still don’t really understand it. (45.5 KB)


Thank you!!

Another way to look at it: (39.2 KB)