Selecting Particle as point for a line (tension cabling)

This issue is really bugging me because I know it’s possible, and I’ve done it before, but I didn’t save the file and now I’m stuck.

I have a typical catenary mesh script, but what I want to do is select points on the mesh and connect them to points on the ground plane, and use those as cables with the line(length) component.

My issue is any attempt to select points on the mesh gives me only the referenced mesh points, and not that mesh being subjected to the goal components.

This is the mesh I’m currently getting (notice the small pink lines in the corner)

But this is what I’m trying to achieve, with the lines affecting the mesh of course

And here’s a screenshot of the script

And the script itself (16.5 KB)

I’m sure it’s a very straightforward fix, but I’m facing scripter’s block and just need some outside help

Could you post with the input data internalised?

My bad. Should be sorted out here (26.7 KB)

You forgot to internalize the ends points of the cables, but from your screenshot, I assume you’re looking to do something like this? (26.9 KB)

That’s Exactly what I was going for. Thank you!!

Looks like all I forgot to do was connect the first set of points back to an anchor component. I knew it would be a simple fix. Also my apologies for the points. Should’ve realized I’d forgotten them, but then again, I was in the same state of mind where I missed my script by just one connection :pensive: