Selecting dots

hi guys,

dots with text can only be selected from the center of the dot (the area of a dot without text?). is that expected behavior? should it be able to select the dot from anywhere?


You can in windows Rhino, so if it is like this on all Mac Rhinos then it is a bug or Mac Rhino limitation… --Mitch

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Thanks Mitch.

Also double clicking on a dot doesnt open its edit window.

i had the feeling the selecting a dot was a bit difficult, but trying now in the latest WIP it seems to work. to edit dots you have use the objects panel in the sidebar, there is unfortunately no other way for the mac version “yet”.

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i actually should confirm now that its not possible to select dots other than in the center. i tried before on a short number like 1 which gave me the impression for everything to be ok, but now fiddling around with longer names its obvious that this does not work.

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Thanks Richard.

So do i bug this, or, do we wait for a mcneel team member to bug it?

i personally rather dont hold anybody up here, that the main focus will go into presenting us with a mac 6 Wip rather sooner :slight_smile: i am sure it will be seen as soon as dan comes. but if you cant live without it, then just use @ in combination with dan, he shows up from time to time :wink:

Done here:

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its permission denied

Should be visible to all users now

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