Selected Region/Boundary within a set of intersecting curves - solved

Above is Zaha’s Competition for Russian Black Sea City Masterplan

As i’m fairly new to Grasshopper i’ve been struggling to recreate the methodology as seen in the link above.
To my understanding, the method is achieved through getting the region of intersection between two sets of curves

results wanted is the region in Green

This can be easily done in rhino with Curveboolean, Would prefer to have the flexibility of adjusting the parameters in grasshopper.

I’ve drawn the sets of curves in rhino and manage to get the intersection points but i’m lost at how to get a defined surface within the region, help is much appreciated thank you

Region between intersected faces (5.3 KB)
Region between intersected faces.3dm (134.7 KB)

This could be a way but I don’t think it’s the best or general solution for this sort of situations…
Case by case, you should rethink or modify one solution to adapt to another situation.

Region between intersected (14.8 KB)


Thank you for the quick response!
Nonetheless, its a working simple and clean solution to my problem.
You’re brilliant, thank you Kim.