Selected object to split

The selected object to split does not have a symmetry option so is it possible to use C# to make a symmetry option as a plugin?
If it is possible, could you tell me the code.

Hi @jack3,

Just so I understand correctly, your wish is for the Split command to have a Symmetry option? How would this work? To you have some examples that might help explain what you want to do and why?

– Dale


Do you mean that object you want to split has at least one symetry plane and you want to have split-comand with option Symetry (= split by symetry plane) ?


to show you an example , if there was a ring like this, it could be symmetrical by spliting it with the selected object to split.
i want to make a plugin that will enable this with #c

Hi @jack3,

There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to write a plug-in command that mirror the selected cutter and then splits the torus.

– Dale

I don’t understated

mirror -> Join

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