Select uncapped extrusion

I used the pipe command on several curves but when changing the radius the cap option changes back to the default off when changing radius, didn’t realize it until afterwards, is there a selection option for uncapped extrusion? similar to the the selopen polysurface.

We have the SelExtrusion command which you probably found, but it does not differentiate between closed and open.

If you don’t need extrusions, you could select them using SelExtrusion, change them to BREPs with ConvertExtrusion, then use SelOpenSrf.

Not quite the same but depending on your need, it might work.

Yeah - it seems to ignore any change to Cap that you’ve made in the current run of the command if you also change the radius…that seems like a bug.
SelOpenSurface may help in this case, there is no command that specifically targets extrusion objects for selection.


Thanks for the feedback, I just know from now on to double check the cap option if i change the radius!

You can try this script to select open extrusions…

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
err_msg="No open extrusions found"
if extrusions:
    open=[item for item in extrusions if not rs.IsObjectSolid(item)]
    if len(open)>0:
        print "{} open extrusion objects added to selection".format(len(open))
        print err_msg
else: print err_msg