Select top curves from metaball

Hi, I am trying to select the curve from the upper part of a metaball, i sorted it according to their areas, but I cannot figure out how to convert this smallest area for the corresponding curves…

Curve length or area is not related to its height so it’s unreliable.

“upper part” means higher in Z.
Pick the end points of your curves, deconstruct those points, sort by Z coordinate and sort the curves synced with the Z, reverse the output and pick the first item.
2021-01-20 00_24_45-Window

Looking at your geometry it seems it would make sense to find all curves at the same height, using set with the Z values. But … you have your section curves already sorted by how you create them.

I see five “hilltops” in the image he posted. Finding the top curve on each hill might be interesting.

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You need to use Dispatch or Sift to use the “True False” pattern output by the “greater than” component and operate on the list of curves. It’s always a good idea to look at the type of data coming out of a component when you run into a problem. Hope this helps.

Leonardo, can you upload your file?
(And, if you used plugins, internalize the curves to sort…)

yes, that was my problem… i want to find the center of those top parts. (16.3 KB)

here it is