Select the base point for slicing normal: STL creation

Hi guys.
I have just finished a jewellery design and I am trying to save it as a *.stl file. This is the first time that I get the step and I don’t know what to do. ("Select the base point for slicing normal )Could anyone please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

I think you choose SLC file extension instead of STL
Honestly I don’t know what’s SLC files for. but for printing, the common format is STL
Select your objects, Export, then choose STL format and then choose the tolerance definition for the mesh aproximation.
for example, with a tolerance like 0.001 the mesh will be quite smooth but heavy file.
if you set 0.1 or 1 , you will have a lightweight file but very bad definition.

SLC are ‘slice’ files - like what the Contour command makes. In the ‘old days’ at the beginnings of 3D printing some printer programs could use them. Today however I think this is pretty much an obsolete procedure.

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thanks fr the explanation