Select Specific points in triangular panels to hex

tri to (11.0 KB)

2 questions

1.- I have a series of triangles as you can see in the image some points results in an hexagons is possible my results goes just into the hexagons and not random triangles selected?
2.- if I got just hexagon conformed by triangles and I dispatch some points maybe in this case the points inside of the haxagon line shape How can i add the next row to have a bigger hexagon in the selection of triangles.

thanks in advance.

Hello Heen!

1st question:

two modifications:

  1. instead of feeding the random points, you first find the closest nodes to these points and then feed them to your next definition

  2. filter out the indexes that correspond to panels further than a specific distance to the nodes (otherwise you get star shapes in the edges of the surface)

2nd question:

I was not sure I understood you, I think you want to colour hexagons of larger radius, but since I’m not sure and I am also sleepy I can help you tomorrow If you make yourself clear!

tri to (15.7 KB)

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@anikolo thanks the first question it is ok! :ok_hand:
the second yes I want select the next triangles to get a bigger hexagon I’m going to test it.

another approach with collision. (19.2 KB)


You can try “Sandbox Topology” plugin.

tri to (15.8 KB)


thanks guys that is what I looking for :ok_hand:

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