Select solids only

Is there a simple action to select all 3D objects (srf, Extrudes, Polysrf, et al)?

Like SelCrv will select just crvs. I’d like to do this without turning off all layers or selecting crvs and hiding them first, etc.

Additionally, is there a way to lock all crvs, including ones inside blocks, so if I copy/paste from one file to another, the crvs won’t come along with? I’m assuming it’s not possible, but ask and ye shall receive, right?


Hi Alan - SelPolySrf, SelClosedPolySrf SelExtrusion… type Sel at the command line and you’ll see a pile of selection types.
See also SelectionFIlter.


ah Filter I haven’t tried. Yeah, I was trying to get away from having to use each one, and possibly a solution for all solid-styles. Then again, I can prob figure out super basic script for it