Select solids by Layer name

Hi McNeel,

I have a bunch of solids in different layers, I’m trying to group them depending on the name of the layer. For example. I have 2 layers called “Dorms 1”, “Dorms 2” and one layer called “Lobby”. I want to be able to select all the solids that the layer contains the word Dorm at the same time.

Thank you in advance

Hi -

You can use the command-line version of the SelLayer command and use a wildcard.
On the Mac, type -SelLayer and, in the String field, type Dorms*. That should select all geometry on layers “Dorms 1” and “Dorms 2”.

How can I make it in Grasshopper. I want to be able to select all the rooms with “Dorms” in the layer name.

Hi -

When asking questions about Grasshopper, please post in the Grasshopper section.
Use the Geometry Pipeline component on the Params > Geometry tab.