Select PointAtStart

Using RhinoScript (Python). Is there anyway to select the PointAtStart from a selected curve object without creating a separate point object? What about selecting other points on a PolyLine?

The final product should look like this:
2022-08-31 11_10_30-Window

Hi Mike - If you want the control point, that is a different thing than PointAtStart() which is a 3d point in space - a location, not a grip. ‘Point’ can mean a few different things, if not qualified… In this case it’s a ‘grip’. You’d need to turn on the control points (rs.EnableObjectGrips(id) ) and the get at the control points by index - in a line it would be 0 and 1 at start and end. i.e. rs.SelectObjectGrip(id, idx)


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Thank you!