Select objects from selected area

I want to know that in Rhino, how could I select any objects (_SelColor,_SelLayer.etc) from selected area? In AutoCad I just select the wanted area and then command quickselect but when I try to do it in Rhino I could not find it. Any solution?

Mrb Betül hnm,

In Rhino under “Mass proporties” there are several Area commands. You can try it all to now what you need. (Obviously if that’s what you want)

No it’s not about dimensional area or like this. More simple. Click and select objects and then between them I want to select the objects that the same color ones or in same layer ones.

If I use SelColor or SelLayer command it selects from all drawing.

i dont think that is possible in rhino. sounds interesting though, we have selection filter which could accomplish that, but its missing those properties, like selcolor sellayer etc.

@pascal any thoughts?

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You could create a macro which locks everything which is not selected and then do your thing.

It’s not that useful for me because I should select one by one too. Doesn’t change anything.

I actually select one layer in SelLayer command and then I disselect unwanted lines or objects but it’s time consuming.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your request, but to me it sounds _Lasso will do what you are after?

In my opinion, what you ask is easily solved by giving each object a name during creation. If each object has an original name, it is easy to select specific objects later.
You can even give several different objects the same name.

@encephalon Okay I never thought it would be missing. Thanks.

@Adn_Kocc Thank you. I actually asked for mainly curves and polycurves. I typed wrong. Sorry for that.

I think it’s something like _Lasso but using previously drawn input geometry… and then not just selecting everything inside the boundary, but selecting it with various filters.

in that case, Window select the blue area, Invert, Lock and make your selection.

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Hi @Zambak
I think the tools are there. Look at Isolate/Unisolate, Lock/Unlock, Hide/Show and combine them with the various selection filters and selection methods, especially SelBoundry if your desired area is more complex than a rectangle. Eg. using Isolate, you can isolate the geometry in a given area and then use what ever selection method you want (eg. SelSmall as shown here) on only the visible geometry. Then Unisolate to bring the rest back. Also, you can use Named Selections to create saved sets (and you can add to those sets as you go along).

HTH, Jakob

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