Select object with the same name with or without elefront plug in


I’am merging files together and I need to select the object who have the same name, just to hilight them and change there name manually next, Any idea ? Because I hav no better idea them what I have been doing in this file…

thankssell-name.3dm (37.6 KB) (9.8 KB)

In Rhino you can select by Name – Edit/Select Objects/Select Object Name

or in grasshopper you use the Replace Members component.


thanks for your answer but I already know thoose tools ! :wink:

I’am talking about finding in a file containing from 500 to 3000 point those who have the same name.
I have about 60 files like that to solve !

replacing the name value is not too much a problem because however it take time I can do it manually, finding object with the same is my actual goal !

branches by name perhaps???

In addition to @Rickson, cull branches with a list length >1 and you have just the duplicated ones.

adding onto @Rickson and @tim.stark,

Once you’ve sorted out which are the duplicate named points, here’s a handy script for selecting objects from GH in Rhino (not mine, i found it somewhere at some point).

It works with any referenced, visible geometry. it’s about 2 lines of code but super useful. (3.5 KB)


thanks a lot guys
you have been very helpfull, I’am know using your tool jokamm, and try to use Rickson one too !
any way to select multiple item to replace ?
I wrote it this way : {0;5} but it seems to be wrong !

any idea of the way I should wrote it ?

That is the syntax for Branches. If you want to replace the Items with a 5 in them all you will need is the integer 5.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do here.

In your first post it sounded like you were trying to rename the points.

Tools for accessing and modifying object properties from rhino are available in Human (Modify Object Attributes) and Elefront (Modify RhinoObject Attributes). There are probably others, too, but these are my gotos.

If you are doing it manually, then you can select the objects programatically, and then type in the new name in the object properties window.

if you want more/better help, please share an example in a .3dm and .gh