Select object by WindowBox

Sorry,I have not cleared my problem.
The code is there, The component’s function is that input a plane and some points in order,the select the object in the polyline construct by points! Like the cmd _SelBoundary!

Hi,dear dale, can you help me solve this problem?
see the link–

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huaxiamengqing said:

Your tips seems usless.

Sorry my tips are useless to you. Maybe you should provide more information. You never mentioned you were writing a Grasshopper component. What is the component supposed to do? What problem are you trying to solve? Perhaps if you provide more information and detail, you might get a tip that is not useless…


To respond, reply to this email or visit Select object by WindowBox in your browser.

For Grasshopper developer support, you are best to post your question on the Grasshopper forum (like you did).

O,Thank you!