Select lines throug a specific sets of points

I hav a set of lines and another set of points, some of them are situated on the lines from the first list. How do i select the lines which contains the points from the secound set ? It should be easy but i didnt find the right way to do it…can you help me? Thanks.

This could be a way. (6.7 KB)


thank you ! It works !

Is it possible to select the lines which dont cross through points in the same set?

try using the same definition, just in “reverse”.
So instead of smaller than, use larger than.

What @WCPM recommended or just copy the Cull Pattern, with exactly the same inputs, and invert input P.
Since the cull pattern consists of boolean statements (i.e. true or false), this will invert them, meaning that a true will become a false and vis versa.

It still amazes me, how i from time to time oversee the simplest of solutions.
But i suppose it happens to everyone.