Select layer contents button

This may have been requested before, but I cannot seem to find it if it is.

In Illustrator, there’s a very handy button which one can press to select all the layer’s contents with one click. Does this exist in Rhino?

If not, do you think that it could be a good little time saver given that it’s likely used very often? Possibly a shift click on the button’s parent layer may select all sublayer objects too?


Right click + Select Objects

Hi Ryan, thanks for that.

I am decently proficient with Rhino, and understand the solution you present. I suppose the request is more a very small one for efficiency in that it’s just to reduce the amount of clicks/time for what seems to be a (very) regular command/marco/action.
I’m coming at this from a rhino/illustrator workflow which is often used in Architecture school. So, it’s natural for me to consider the strengths of each program, and consider where each could improve.

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